It is so exciting watching our inbox fill with letters, suggestions and submissions for Mothering With Imagination. Time is getting closer for our debut issue. Boy, do we have some good stuff for our readers.


It is an exciting but scary time for me. I have to multi-task quite a bit here at the office just like I do at home. Except at home, being mommy and daddy is a full time job in itself. I am a single mother raising two sons, 10 and 13 with no help from daddy dearest or from the state. My parents help me with the boys in the afternoon after school while I work which I am thankful for.


At work, we are all a team here. Each one of our team members were hand picked and selected and that makes them extra special. We all have our jobs to fulfill but a lot of times, we multi task and help each other. That is a blessing in itself because we’re not afraid to ask for help from each other when the need arises. That’s the good thing about working with a good group of people. They are the pillars that hold this fort together… Thanks Guys for everything… You know who you are.


May will be here before you know it. We’ve already chose a design for Mothering With Imagination and have almost a full magazine at this point. But there are a few spaces we need to fill so get those manuscripts to us as soon as you can – before our April 15th deadline.


As editor of MWI, and mother of a child with severe asthma, I would like to see articles dealing with asthma and how to cope. I know what it’s like to sit up all night worrying and seeing my child having back to back asthma attacks. And so do some of you. Send in your articles on what you do to help your child, what treatments work best for him/her and your own ideas and tips to help other kids with the same situation.


My son is 13; everything triggers his asthma. He missed a lot of school last year because of it and had to go to summer school. There’s another issue for story ideas. I know some of our readers deal with kids attending summer school or tutoring after school. We’d love to hear your story.


My 10 year has issues riding the school bus and has to be car pickup every day. There are several teen aged girls who bully him and throw off the seat and call him names. They throw his back pack and block him from sitting in certain seats. He knows if he tells, they’ll bully him that much more and if he fights back, he’ll get suspended. Okay writers – a few stories here. Bullying is a terrific story starter.


Email your stories to MWI at motherwithimagination@gmail.com. Be sure to include contact information and a brief bio with your submissions. Welcome aboard…

Theresa Owens, Editor/Publisher



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